Ceramic bearing applications

The ceramic bearing has properties not found in metal materials, including high strength, good wear resistance, high rigidity, drug resistance, erosion resistance, non-magnetic permeability, non-electrical conductivity, compression resistance and small specific gravity. Furthermore, it has higher fatigue life in middle contact stress with small density, small friction factor, high hardness, high temperature resistance, moderate impact resistance impact toughness, and is thus a bearing applicable to high temperature, high speed, erosive media, and strong friction state working environments.

The ceramic rollers of ceramic bearing can suppress the centrifugal force due to high speed rotation effectively, reduce rolling load while also reduce rotational slide between roller and rolling surface, and is beneficial to prevention of surface damage. No usual addition of lubricant grease is necessary for the ceramic bearing to be featured of sensitive rotation, fast initiation, good inertia and long life.

Ceramic bearings are mainly applied to high speed spindle machinery, ship & fishing gear, food processor, machinery, aerospace, vehicle, chemical machinery, automation, semiconductor, industrial level machinery, machine tool machinery, medical level, steel industries.

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