Ceramic bearing technology
The installation of bearing depends on bearing structure and conjunction properties of bearing parts. Immediate addition onto end surface of close fit ferrule in addition to stable and slow pressurization is necessary. Pressure imposed by rollers is not allowed, which would squeeze and damage the rollers. If the inner ring of bearing and shaft are close fit while the outer ring and bearing hole are loose fit, a press may be used to press the bearing onto the shaft, followed by installing the shaft, together with the bearing, into the bearing hole. If the outer ring of bearing and bearing hole are close fit while the inner ring and shaft are loose fit, the bearing may be pressed into the bearing hole at first. If the inner ring of the bearing and the bearing hole are close fit, both inner and outer rings have to be installed into shaft and hole simultaneously.
The following rule may be referenced for fit choice. The loading zones borne by each of the ferrules are divided into rotational load, stationary load and non-oriented load according to loading directions, properties of bearings and rotations of inner and outer rings. Stationary fit (interference fit) should be used for the ferrules bearing rotational load and non-oriented load. Filter fit or movable fit (clearance fit) should be used for the ferrules bearing stationary load. When the bearing has large load or bears vibration to impact load, the interference should be increased. As hollow shaft, thin wall bearing housing or light alloy, plastic made bearing housing is used, the clearance should be increased, too. Once keeping high rotation precision is required, high precision bearing has to be used, and the precisions of the sizes of shaft and bearing housing should be increased in order to avoid excessively large interference. If the interference is excessively large, the precisions of shaft or bearing housing may be influenced and the bearing ferrule is influenced to thereby damage the rotational precision of the bearing.
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