Nitride series
The inner and outer rings and rollers of the silicon nitride ceramic bearing is composed of silicon nitride (Si3N4) ceramic material in conjunction with cage of PTFE, nylon, PEEK materials.
The silicon nitride ceramic bearing is advantageous of cold tolerance, small elasticity, large pressure resistance, low thermal conductivity and small friction coefficient.
It is applicable to an environment under 12,000 rpm ~ 75,000 rpm. It is high temperature resistant up to 1200°C, and is capable of normal use at a temperature ranged from 100°C to 800°C without expansion generation due to temperature difference, such that it is applicable to high temperature equipment.
The material itself is corrosion resistant, and is applicable to a strong acid and strong base environment, which needs erosion resistance.
The material itself if featured of non-magnetic permeability, so that it does not absorb dust and it can reduce early peeling and wear of bearing.
The material itself is featured of non-electrical conductivity, and is applicable to various precision instrument equipments requiring insulation.
The material itself is oil free and self-lubricant, and is capable of working normally in an environment that cannot be lubricated.
Silicon nitride ceramic bearing is applicable to semiconductor manufacturing equipments, pharmaceutical equipments, wet process equipments, chemical equipments, printing equipments, food equipments, optical instruments, vacuum equipments, high speed spindle and so forth industries.
The company provides various specifications of silicon nitride bearing products, ball bearing series, thrust bearing series and various non-standard bearing design customizations. Welcome for contact with us.
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